The RB-530 Model
The RB-530 provides five keys and is ideally suited for experiments involving spatial orientation (as is the RB-834 model). The keys are large and feature removable key tops (except for the center round key). The following photo shows an RB-530 pad with the colored tops (included free) installed. The pad ships also with four clear key tops so you can insert any legend or color paper.
The RB-530 response pad with color caps
What's Included
When you buy an RB-530, the following items are included:
The RB-530 with the free wrist pad
  • RB-530 response pad
  • Wrist pad (see picture on the right)
  • Four white key tops
  • Four clear key tops
  • One red key top
  • One green key top
  • One yellow key top
  • One blue key top
  • USB cable