The RB-830 Response Pad
The RB-830 was designed to allow eight fingers to rest comfortably and simultaneously on the keys. A lot of care was taken in the design of this model, including the position of the keys and the use of custom-built ergonomic plastic caps.
The RB-830 response pad with color key tops installed
The RB-830's caps were redesigned to include a 7-degree angle for maximum comfortThe photo above shows an RB-830 pad with the colored tops (included free) installed. The pad ships also with eight clear key tops so you can insert any legend or color paper.
For maximum comfort, we also redesigned the plastic key caps on the RB-830: instead of the flat caps on the previous RB-820 model, the new caps now provide a 7 degree angle that makes it more comfortable for the fingers (see picture on the right).

What's Included

The RB-830 with the free wrist padWhen you buy an RB-830, the following items are included:
  • RB-830 response pad
  • Wrist pad (see picture on the right)
  • Eight white key tops
  • Eight clear key tops
  • One red key top
  • One green key top
  • One yellow key top
  • One blue key top
  • USB cable