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About IGOR Pro

IGOR Pro is an interactive software environment for experimentation with scientific and engineering data and for the production of publication-quality graphs and page layouts. IGOR has been used by tens of thousands of technical professionals since its introduction in 1989.

  • IGOR Pro produces journal-quality scientific graphs and exports high-resolution graphics formats such as Encapsulated PostScript (EPS) and PDF.
  • IGOR Pro handles large data sets very quickly.
  • IGOR Pro includes a wide range of capabilities for scientific and engineering analysis and graphing.
  • IGOR Pro has special support for time-series or other evenly-spaced data.
  • IGOR Pro includes a powerful suite of image processing operations for image filtering, manipulation, and quantification.
  • IGOR Pro imports data in many formats, and can acquire data from hardware devices.
  • IGOR Pro is completely programmable via a built-in programming environment, and can be extended by external code (XOPs) written in C.
  • IGOR Pro doesn't require any programming; most functionality is available using standard menus, dialogs, and the mouse.
  • IGOR Pro runs on Macintosh and Windows computers, and IGOR's data files are cross-platform compatible.

Unique User Interface

IGOR Pro combines power with ease of use by providing a programming environment for the sophisticated user along with the ease of point and click for the beginner and expert alike.
Novice users can import data, create publication quality graphs, perform curve fitting or other analysis tasks and export their results all without even knowing that a command line exists. IGOR's dialogs allow manipulation of the tiniest detail and many properties in a graph can be adjusted by direct manipulation or a contextual click of the mouse.
Novice users can rapidly learn programming because IGOR's easy-to-use dialogs automatically create and then execute commands on IGOR's command line. Beginners need not even be aware of the command line but, if desired, may begin to learn programming and command line techniques by observing the commands IGOR itself generates. Even expert users can use dialogs as a graphical means of forming commands for inclusion in a program.

System and Hardware Requirements for Windows

On Windows, Igor Pro 6.0 runs under Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Igor Pro 6.0 does not run on Windows NT, Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME.


System and Hardware Requirements for MACOSX

On Macintosh, Igor Pro 6.0 runs on Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. Igor Pro 6 runs natively on both PowerPC and Intel-based Macintoshes. Igor Pro 6.0 does not run on Mac OS 9.

Version Compatibility

Igor Pro 6.2 can read files created by all earlier versions of Igor.
If you don't use features new in Igor Pro 6.2, then experiment files that it writes are readable by earlier versions.
Once you use features added in Igor Pro 6.2 and save an experiment file, that file may cause errors if you try to read it in an earlier version of Igor. Just in case you need to go back to an earlier version of Igor, it is a good idea to make backup copies of all your Igor files now.


  • DADISP 6.5
  • MATHCAD 15
  • proFit 6.2.5
  • Gauss 9
  • MathType 6.7
  • WebEQ 3.5
  • Scientific WorkPlace 5.5
  • Scientific Word 5.5
  • Scientific Notebook 5.5
  • MuPAD Pro 4
  • Design II
  • CAD
  • DesignWorks
  • Mac Draft Pro
  • PC Draft 5
  • MacInteriors
  • Pro Fortran 8
  • AppForge MobileVB
  • ISOPLUS9000
  • TurboQC!
  • NWA Quality Analyst
  • QcIR
  • QcUV/VIS
  • Gaussian 09
  • GaussView 5
  • Alchemy 2000
  • ChemOffice
  • ChemDraw
  • Chem3D 8.0
  • Chem Finder 10.0
  • E-Notebook ultra 12
  • Conformer
  • HyperChem
  • KnowItAll ChemWindow Edition
  • ChemInfo
  • Q-Chem 3
  • Chemistry 4-D Draw 8
  • Nomenclator
  • NBOView 1.0
  • HSC Chemistry 7
  • Molsearch Pro
  • CIS Chemical Inventory System CISPro
  • Microsoft Project Standard 2003
  • VersaTerm
  • VersaTilities
  • SiteKiosk 8
  • SiteCafé
  • SiteRemote
  • Photoshop CS5
  • Illustrator CS5
  • InDesign CS5.5
  • Flash Catalyst CS5.5
  • Flash Professional CS6
  • Flash Builder 4.5
  • Dreamweaver CS6
  • Fireworks CS6
  • Contribute CS6
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
  • After Effects CS6
  • Adobe Audition CS6
  • Adobe OnLocation CS6
  • Encore CS6
  • Bridge CS6
  • Device Central CS6
  • Media Encoder CS6
  • Kiosk Hydra
  • Kiosk Targa
  • Kiosk Wayfinder
  • Office 365
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Windows 8
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